Akimoto Komachi
Akimoto Komachi
SeasonPretty Cure 5☆Reborn
Eye ColorTurquoise
Hair ColorDark green (Komachi)
Green (Cure Mint)
Home PlaceYumekawa (after meeting Hiromi)
First AppearancePC5R17
Japanese Voice ActressNagano Ai
SiblingsAkimoto Hiromi (non-biological younger sister)
Akimoto Madoka (older sister)
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Mint
Theme ColorGreen
Akimoto Komachi (秋元こまち Akimoto Komachi) is a supporting character from Pretty Cure 5☆Reborn. Komachi is the "light" to the "darkness" of Akimoto Hiromi, therefore making the two girls twin sisters.


Komachi has long dark green hair, tied back into a ponytail, wears a pink headband, and has turquoise eyes. She is shown wearing her school's uniform. The uniform includes a purple cardigan with a red ribbon and white collar. There is a lilac dress which is worn under the cardigan with button up pleats. There are navy blue knee length socks. There are brown penny loafers for shoes.


Komachi is kind and shy, likes to read books and write. However, if she is angered enough, she will snap and release her temper. When Hiromi told her that they were sisters, and Komachi happily hugged her. It is also shown that Komachi would do anything to protect her sister, no matter how different they were.


Komachi (as Cure Mint) had appeared in Hiromi's dreams ever since she was a child, often getting defeated.

Meeting Hiromi

At the start of PC5R17, Komachi (then known as "the mysterious girl") was watching Hiromi perform with the Drama Club, but by the time Hiromi noticed this, Komachi was gone.

She is next seen waiting at the auditorium, where the Cures confront her. When she sees Hiromi, she soon bursts out crying, leaving the Cures shocked. When Komachi explained why, Hiromi happily hugged Komachi, but their reunion was short-lived when Crash appeared and summoned a Kowaina!

The Cures transformed and tried their best, but Cure Lotus soon became trapped! Komachi then clapped her hands together and shouted out that she wanted to give her power to her sister, and she transforms into Cure Mint. She then granted Cure Lotus the power of a new attack, and after weakening the Kowaina, the Cures used their group attack and defeated it. Afterwards, Hiromi and Komachi had a tearful reunion.


  • Akimoto Hiromi - Her younger twin sister. The two girls appear to care for each other very much, and Komachi will do anything to protect Hiromi.


Komachi's voice actress, Nagano Ai, has participated in only one image song for the character she voices. This song is a duet with Minaguchi Yuko, who voices Akimoto Hiromi.