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The Espoir Rod

The Dreaming Rods (ドリーミングロッド Dorīmingu Roddo) are devices in Pretty Cure 5☆Reborn that are used by the Cures to perform their first group attack Shining Espoir. The Rods were given to the Cures once they understood what their true emotion meant.

The Dreaming Rods

The names of the Dreaming Rods are as follows:

  • Espoir Rod (エスポワールロッド Esupowāru Roddo) - Cure Starlight's Dreaming Rod.
  • Volcan Rod (ボルカンロッド Borukan Roddo) - Cure Flare's Dreaming Rod.
  • Lumiere Rod (リュミエールロッド Ryumiēru Roddo) - Cure Sweet's Dreaming Rod.
  • Terre Rod (テッレロッド Terre Roddo) - Cure Lotus' Dreaming Rod.
  • Courant Rod (クーランロッド Kūran Roddo) - Cure Sapphire's Dreaming Rod.


Each Cure's Dreaming Rod is named after their element (as a French word). In the case of Cure Starlight, her Rod is named after her emotion.

  • The Espoir Rod is French for "hope".
  • The Volcan Rod is French for "volcano".
  • The Lumiere Rod is French for "light".
  • The Terre Rod is French for "earth".
  • The Courant Rod is French for "stream".


  • The Dreaming Rods bear a striking resemblance to the Eternal Tiare from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.