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Fantastic Pretty Cure! Wiki is the wiki where HanasakiTsubomi997 and CureHibiki create their own Pretty Cure series that they hope could maybe become canon.

What will you find on this wiki?

On this wiki, you will find that CureHibiki,HanasakiTsubomi997, and LovelyDay7890 will go under the alias of Fujiwara Hibiki, Kobayashi Tsubomi, and Hayrabashi Tsunami respectively. Their series could be a brand new series with a brand new theme or a Pretty Cure series based of one of the dark Pretty Cure teams from either Yes! Pretty Cure 5's movie, Heartcatch Pretty Cure! or Smile Pretty Cure! . Check out CureHibiki's current series, Sweet and Sour Pretty Cure! and HanasakiTsubomi997's two completed series, Pretty Cure 5☆Reborn and HeartCatch Pretty Cure!☆Reborn, and her current series, Smile Pretty Cure!☆Reborn. Check out Love-chan's Smile Pretty Cure Rematch!

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