Fujiwara Hibiki
Fujiwara Hibiki
Fujiwara Hibiki
TitleCreator of Sweet and Sour Pretty Cure!
Birthday DateJuly 12
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceAustralia
Fujiwara Hibiki is actually the pen name for CureHibiki. She is known on this wiki as the creator of Sweet and Sour Pretty Cure!, which she announces to be her best work. Besides being a director, she is also a song writer, a song translator and singer.


Hibiki is normally seen with her brown hair tried up into a high ponytail by a purple bow and her eyes are green. She wears a black choker around her neck with a gold pendent that has a purple heart in the middle attached to it. The outfit she is usually seen wearing is a purple thigh length dress with a frilly front and a frilly hem on the skirt. One purple strap is on one arm while the other sleeve is connected to the frilly front. Around her waist is a black ribbon that has a gold pendent with a purple circle in the middle keeping the ribbon in place. She also wears long white socks with one slipping down and black slip on shoes.



Fujiwara (藤原?) - Fuji (?) means 'wisteria' while Wara (?) means 'plain'. Together, Fujiwara means 'Wisteria Plain'.

Hibiki (ひびき?) - Hibiki (?) means either 'echo' or 'sound'.

Directed by Fujiwara Hibiki


Season Name Original Run Theme(s) Opening Ending
Sweet and Sour Pretty Cure! February 5, 2017 Sweets
WIP My sweet sunshine


Movie Name Original Run Opening Insert(s) Ending
All Stars Movies
Pretty Cure All Stars: Sutekina Connection☆ March 11, 2017 None Trick or Treat☆
Mugen no Chikara
My sweet sunshine
All Stars Connect
Series Movies




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