This is a category listing the episodes for HeartCatch Pretty Cure!☆Reborn.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Watashi wa Purikyua desu ka? Kyua Rōzu ga tanjō!
"I'm A Pretty Cure? Cure Rose Is Born!"
Aranya 2017-02-01
Hanae is at her home, doing her homework with her best friend Hinata, but she keeps getting the questions wrong. Hinata decides that they can work on the homework tomorrow at lunch, and the two girls call it a night. However, things start to get really wrong for Hanae when a little fairy named Chypre bumps into her! Even worse, a little girl seems suspcious around Hanae! What is Hanae going to do?
02 Umi no seikatsu! Kyua Ōshan ga tōjō shimasu!
"Life Of The Seas! Cure Ocean Appears!"
Aranya 2017-02-08
Hanae is out shopping with Hinata, when they bump into a strange girl! Hanae and Hinata apologise repeatedly, but the girl tells them that they need to be careful, and walks off. Chypre tells Hanae that the girl has a strange and mysterious aura around her, as if she was the enemy. Is this girl a friend or foe?
03 Yorokobi no kagayaki! Kyua Sanbāsuto, bishō Purikyua!
"Joy's Sparkle! Cure Sunburst, The Pretty Cure Who Smiles!"
Aranya 2017-02-15
Hinata becomes lonely due to the fact that Hanae will occasionally go over to Ayano's house, or Ayano would over to Hanae's. She doesn't talk to Hanae, and now sits alone. She soon meets a little fairy named Potpourri, who tells her to not be sad. However, Akiyama-sensei is worried about Hinata, and her Heart Flower begins to wilt, thus allowing Aranya to turn her into a Desertrian! Who can help Akiyama-sensei?
04 Kagayaku tsuki! Rina wa, Kyua Mūnbīmu masu ka?
"The Glistening Moon! Rina Is Cure Moonbeam?"
Aranya 2017-02-22
Rina is doing photo shoots again, and Daichi invites the Cures to come and observe. Hanae, being the fashionista she is, takes her sketchpad to draw a cool new look for Rina. Rina's co-model, Fukui Megumi, is jealous of Rina's popularity, which Aranya takes advantage of, and turns Megumi into a Desertrian! But the Desertrian quickly defeats the Cures, and only Rina is left. What will Rina do?
05 Chīmu wa kanryō desu! Watashitachiha Purikyua desu!
"The Team Is Complete! We Are Pretty Cure!"
Hajar 2017-03-01
The Cures celebrate because all the members of the team are here. The mascots give them a special phone-like device to communicate with each other when apart. Hanae mentions that this phone will be useful at school. But soon, another Desert Emissary called Hajar appears, and he creates a Desertrian! Can the Cures work together to defeat Hajar?
06 Kono josei wa daredesu ka? Kanojo Kyua Furawā wa arimasu ka?
"Who Is This Woman? Is She Cure Flower?"
Hajar 2017-03-08
Hanae was walking to school one day, however, she bumped into a elderly woman. Hanae kept apologising, but she couldn't help feel like she had a connection with the elderly woman. After the woman is gone, Chypre whispers to Hanae that the woman is actually Hanasaki Kaoruko, who is Cure Flower! Is this really true?
07 Kaoruko no torēningu ga hajimarimasu! Watashitachiha saizen o tsukushimasu!
"Kaoruko's Training Begins! We'll Do Our Best!"
Hajar 2017-03-15
Even though they have won all of their battles so far, the Cures want to become stronger, because they know that the boss is much stronger. They turn to Kaoruko for help, and Kaoruko starts up some training and shows them how to do things that they cannot do. When a Desertrian appears, the Cures are all weak and tired! What are they going to do?
08 Kiseki no niwa! Kokoro no taiju no okurimono!
"The Garden Of Miracles! The Tree Of Hearts' Gift!"
Hajar 2017-03-22
Kaoruko decides to take the Cures on a trip to see the great Tree of Hearts. They marvel at the sight, and Ayano becomes interested in it's history. However, Hajar appears with a Desertrian, and the Cures realise that their mission is to protect the Tree of Hearts. Can they stop Hajar and his Desertrian?
09 Rina-san no shin'nen! Watashi wa akiramenai!
"Rina's Belief! I Won't Give Up!"
Marudeva 2017-03-29
Rina starts to become more famous as she goes to more photo shoots. Daichi tells the Cures that she had been working hard ever since they were children, and never wanted to give up. A young girl named Miyamoto Kanako is introduced to Rina, and begins to help Rina out. However, a new villain named Marudeva appears and steals Kanako's Heart Flower! What is Rina going to do?
10 Hinata-san no takaramono! Watashi no taisetsuna mochimono!
"Hinata's Treasure! My Cherished Possession!"
Marudeva 2017-04-05
Hinata takes the Cures to see her older brother, Takao, and his wife, Akiko. Hinata tells the Cures that Akiko is pregnant, so they should help out around the farm. The Cures do their best, and although it is tiring work, everyone gets the hang of it. Akiko comes out with tea, but says to the Cures that she is probably not ready to become a mother yet. Suddenly, Marudeva appears and steals Akiko's Heart Flower! What is Hinata going to do?
11 Ayano-san no yokubō! Kore ga watashi no hontō no yumedesu!
"Ayano's Desire! This Is My True Dream!"
Marudeva 2017-04-12
The Cures notice that Ayano has been acting strange, so they follow her to her mansion's basement, where it is full of paintings! Ayano catches the Cures spying on her, but she doesn't get mad. She explains that art had always been her passion, and an art competition was coming up in a few months. But she was afraid of revealing her art to the world. Can the Cures help Ayano overcome her fear?
12 Hanae-san no inori! Dare watashi wa hontōnidesu!
"Hanae's Prayer! Who I Really Am!"
Marudeva 2017-04-19
Hanasaki Hikari, Hanae's younger sister, had noticed that Hanae was a bit down, and she tried to cheer her up. She brought in pictures that she made for Hanae at school. Hanae told Hikari that she wanted to know what her purpose in life was. Hikari wanted to help her sister, and grew upset when she couldn't. However, Marudeva arrives and steals Hikari's Heart Flower! When Hanae realised this, what is she going to do to save Hikari?
13 Watashitachi no raito no ichi o kakunin shimasu! Purikyua no shin pawā!
"Locate Our Lights! Pretty Cure's New Power!"
Aranya 2017-04-26
Kaoruko tells the Cures that they are actually the reincarnations of the mirrored counterparts of the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure. She says that these warriors are their twin sisters, due to them being the Cures' lights. Hanae says that she's ready to find her light, and the Cures agree. Will they be able to find them?
14 Sono... Koron wa arimasu ka? Shikashi, kono on'nanoko wa daredesu ka?
"Is That... Cologne? But Who's This Girl?"
Hajar 2017-05-03
Rina is talking to Cologne about her twin sister, who was named Tsukikage Yuri, however, Rina spots a girl watching her, and she starts to get suspicious. The girl walked away, but Rina felt a strange connection with the girl. When the girl was turned into a Desertrian, the Desertrian shouts that the girl had regretted letting Cologne die! Who is this girl? How come she knows who Cologne is?
15 Yuri e Saku Akademī! Watashi no atarashī gakkō!
"Yuri To Saku Academy! My New School!"
Marudeva 2017-05-10
Yuri has become the new student at Saku Academy, and is thankfully in Rina's class. Yuri surprises everyone by being the only one in her class who is good at both sports and studies. She instantly becomes popular, and agrees to write down class notes for Rina whenever she is at work. When a Desertrian attacks, can the twins work together to save the day?
16 Sebone made samu-sa...! Dezāto Purinsesu wa koko ni arimasu!
"A Chill Up The Spine...! The Desert Princess Is Here!"
Hotaru 2017-05-17
It has been a long and exhausting day at school, especially for Hanae and Hinata, due to them having a test. As they walk to the Taiyo Garden, they hear a strange song. Everyone falls asleep instantly, except for the Cures. They discover the singer, who reveals herself as Hotaru, Lady Sabakuno Namida's niece! Hotaru is much stronger than Aranya, Hajar and Marudeva. And when she summons a Desertrian, what are the Cures going to do?
17 Kashu no rakutan chūi! Jishoku kara kanojo o setsuyaku!
"A Singer's Downhearted Note! Save Her From Quitting!"
Hotaru 2017-05-24
The Cures are eating lunch together in Cafe Hana, where a woman comes along and asks if she could sit with them. Hinata realises that this woman is the famous singer, Momoka, and asks for her autograph. However, Momoka thinks that she should quit singing, leaving everyone shocked. Can the Cures save this fabulous singer from meeting the end of her career?
18 Akademī gēmu! Furōra tai Saku!
"The Academy Games! Flora vs Saku!"
Hotaru 2017-05-31
Hashimoto Minori, Flora Academy's headmistress, announces that the year is over and it's time for the Academy Games to take place! The Cures train together and are excited for the big day. When it is here, everyone has a lot of fun, including Yuri, who is new to the Academy Games. However, Hotaru arrives and summons a Desertrian! Can the Cures save the Academy Games and everyone's happiness?
19 Tōku kara on'nanoko! Hinata to kanojo no setsuzoku!
"The Girl From Far Away! Her Connection With Hinata!"
Aranya 2017-06-07
Hinata was talking to Potpourri about her twin sister, who was named Myoudouin Itsuki. However, Hinata feels a strange warmth, so she goes to check it out. She finds a girl practising martial arts, and Potpourri hugs the girl, calling her "Itsuki". Hinata realises that this girl must be her twin sister, however, Itsuki has somehow lost her memories! What will Hinata and Potpourri do?
20 Itsuki-san no namida! Kako no chishiki!
"Itsuki's Tears! The Knowledge Of The Past!"
Aranya 2017-06-14
Itsuki has gotten her memories back, and Itsuki (along with Yuri) begin to tell their tale: apparently, they were fighting this woman, and she was more powerful than the Desert King, Dune. The woman banished Yuri and Itsuki, along with their friends, Tsubomi and Erika, to another place, and Itsuki remembered landing so hard that got amnesia! But Itsuki seems to be upset about remembering the past. Can the Cures help her to stop worring about the past?
21 Āto kontesuto ga hajimarimasu! Ayano no shin kaiga!
"The Art Contest Begins! Ayano's New Painting!"
Aranya 2017-06-28
It's finally time for the Art Contest to begin, but Ayano is having trouble coming up with a new painting. She goes around to the Cures' houses for inspiration, until she meets Hashimoto Minori, who gives her some advice. When Minori's Heart Flower is stolen by Aranya, what will Ayano do?
22 Aran'ya no saishū-tekina hōshiki! Kyua Jueru no tanjō!
"Aranya's Final Scheme! The Birth Of Cure Jewel!"
Aranya 2017-07-05
Aranya is given one last chance to defeat the Pretty Cure. She goes out and challenges the Pretty Cure, but the Cures notice how desperate she is. The Cures end up defeating her, and Lady Sabakuno Namida kills Aranya. But what will happen when Aranya's Dark Bracelet is finally destroyed? Will Aranya finally rest in peace? Or will something else happen...?
23 Minako-san no kutsū! Watashi ga Purikyua ni natte wa ikemasen!
"Minako's Distress! I Mustn't Become A Pretty Cure!"
Hajar 2017-07-12
Aranya, now known as Minako, is haunted by her past deeds. She refuses to join the Cures, no matter how hard they try. Yuri walks up to Minako, and says that she is not forcing her to join, and Yuri said that Minako's past self, Dark Pretty Cure, had shown a good side too. When a Desertrian attacks and the Cures are defeated, will Minako stand up to help or will she stay in the shadows?
24 Akiyama-sensei to Minako! Watashitachi no tokubetsuna kizuna!
"Akiyama-sensei And Minako! Our Special Bond!"
Marudeva 2017-07-19
Minako realises that she has nowhere to live after quitting the Desert Emissaries. She tries to find a home to stay in, but fails. She soon meets Akiyama-sensei, who says that a home is a place where one can always return to. Minako wonders what Akiyama-sensei means, but Akiyama-sensei asks if Minako would like to become her adoptive daughter! What will be Minako's answer?
25 Umi kara on'nanoko! Ayano to Erika!
"The Girl From The Sea! Ayano And Erika!"
Hotaru 2017-07-26
Ayano is running on the beach one day, and when she stops to take a break, she asks Coffret to tell her about her twin sister, who was named Kurumi Erika. However, before Coffret can tell her, they see a strange object lying on the beach. They go to check it out, and they realise that the object was a girl who was washed ashore! But why does this girl seem so familiar to Ayano?
26 Herupu Misu Erika! Kanojo no byōki o iyashimasu!
"Help Miss Erika! Heal Her Sickness!"
Hajar 2017-08-02
The battle between the Cures and Hotaru had made Erika fall sick, and Ayano asks her butler, Alfred, to look after Erika. All day at school, Ayano can't help but feel worried. After school ends, Ayano checks to see if Erika is better, but she is shocked to learn that she's gotten worse! How can Ayano heal Erika's sickness?
27 Natsu matsuri! Daremoga tanoshinde imasu!
"The Summer Festival! Everyone's Having Fun!"
Marudeva 2017-08-09
Minako is excited for her first summer festival, and she displays great skills in all of the games there! The Cures all have a lot of fun, until Hanae gets a vision. The vision appears to be about her sister and what Lady Sabakuno Namida had done to her. These visions continue to come, but when Marudeva summons a Desertrian, can Hanae stop her visions and help her friends?
28 Moderu matawa Purikyua? Rina no kettei!
"Modeling Or Pretty Cure? Rina's Decision!"
Hotaru 2017-08-16
Rina's modelling work increases, and she is soon asked to star in a movie. However, the movie will be filmed in Hollywood. The Cures are excited for her, and they all say that they can't wait to see the movie. However, Yuri seems depressed, and she reveals that she doesn't want Rina to leave. The next day, Rina is to take a plane to Hollywood, but when her friends are trying to defeat a Desertrian, will Rina go back to help or will she go to Hollywood?
29 Hana no majikku! Burando nyū pawā!
"The Magic Of The Flowers! A Brand-New Power!"
Hanae and Hikari take the Cures to a special garden that has been in her family since ancient times. The sisters also say that later on that day, a super rare flower will bloom, and it will be able to grant wishes, but they make the Cures swear to not tell anyone else. Finally, the flower is about to bloom, but Hajar, Marudeva and Hotaru have combined forces to destroy the flower. What can the Cures do to protect the flower?
30 Nanatsu no umi no rakuen! Isshō ni ichido no kyūjitsu!
"Paradise Of The Seven Seas! The Holiday Of A Lifetime!"
Hajar 2017-08-30
The Cures go out to an island that Ayano's family owns, and they have a lot of fun during their stay on the island. Minako also seems to be good at surfing, and is even better than Hanae! However, Hajar appears and tries to ruin their fun by summoning a Desertrian! What will the Cures do?
31 Hotaru no itami! Hontōni... Watakushiha deshita ka?
"Hotaru's Pain! Was That Really... Me?"
Hotaru 2017-09-06
Hotaru seems to be getting constant visions, but in one of these visions, she sees Cure Rose herself. Cure Rose says that Lady Sabakuno Namida had never before revealed that she brainwashed Cure Blossom to join the Desert Emissaries. Hotaru asks Lady Sabakuno Namida about Cure Blossom, but her aunt refuses to tell. When Hotaru tries to ask the Cures about it, she ends up summoning a Desertrian. What is Hotaru going to do?
32 Hotaru to Tsubomi! Sore ga watashitachi no setsuzokudesu ka?
"Hotaru And Tsubomi! That's Our Connection?"
Lady Sabakuno Namida 2017-09-13
The mascots say that Hotaru is also getting visions, and the Cures quickly defeat the Desertrian to help out Hotaru. Hotaru is shocked that the Cures are showing compassion towards her! Hotaru is invited to stay at Hanae's house for the night, but in her dreams, she sees Cure Blossom. She soon realises which Desert Emissary was previously Cure Blossom! But will she reveal who is Cure Blossom?
33 Watashi no onē-sama wa koko ni arimasu! Issho ni saigo ni!
"My Big Sister Is Here! Together At Last!"
Lady Sabakuno Namida 2017-09-20
Hanae is so happy that her older sister, Tsubomi, had finally returned. After getting rid of Lady Sabakuno Namida for now, Tsubomi explains everything: when her friends were banished, she felt nothing but despair, and so Lady Sabakuno Namida took advantage of her despair and turned her into Hotaru. However, Tsubomi had gained a fear of the dark, due to remembering her time as Hotaru. Can the Cures help her?
34 Watashitachi no kioku ga modotte kimashita! Wareware wa tesuto... jissai ni arimashita ka?
"Our Memories Have Returned! We Were Actually... A Test?"
Marudeva 2017-09-27
Hanae is playing soccer one day, until she suddenly gets a splitting headache. She sees herself, about to fight Cure Blossom, and realises that this is more than a vision - it's a memory. Hanae, Ayano, Hinata and Rina have realised that they were tests, and Minako realised that she had tried to destroy Cure Moonlight. Minako quickly got over the pain, but the other girls were deeply affected. When Marudeva attacks with a Desertrian, how can Cure Jewel fight it all by herself?
35 Zetsubō kara muryō yaburimasu! Watashitachi no chikara o kumiawasemasu!
"Breaking Free From Despair! Combine Our Powers!"
Marudeva 2017-10-04
Although she is injured, Minako tries to convince the Cures to help purify the Desertrian, and said that the Cures would look cuter if they would smile. Minako said that thanks to them, she was able to say goodbye to her past as Aranya and become Akiyama Minako. Now she wants to help them! But can she convince them to fight? Will a brand new power awaken for the Cures?
36 Naite kokoro! Hinata wa yōkidearu koto o teishi shimasu ka?
"The Crying Heart! Hinata Stops Being Cheerful?"
Hajar 2017-10-11
Hinata is telling some jokes at Flora Academy again, and makes everyone laugh. However, one of the students thinks that Hinata is becoming annoying, so she tells Hinata to stop joking around and be serious. Hinata is hurt, and shocks Hanae by saying that she will never smile again. How can the Cures help Hinata, and get her to smile again?
37 Watashi no geijutsu no haigo ni aru monogatari! Ayano no uchigawa no ai!
"The Story Behind My Art! Ayano's Inner Love!"
Hajar 2017-10-18
Ayano is asked why she loves to paint, and Ayano replies that it was her father's favourite thing to do. However, Ayano grows depressed due to her father not being around. Her mother tries to help her, but Ayano desires to see her father again. When a camera Desertrian traps Ayano in a memory of her father, will she ever wake up to help her friends?
38 Rina to Daichi! Mottomo romanchikkuna hi o settei!
"Rina And Daichi! Set Up The Most Romantic Day!"
Marudeva 2017-10-25
Rina notices that she is spending less time with Daichi, due to her modelling work and being a Pretty Cure. The Cures realise that Rina and Daichi's relationship is on the edge of breaking up, and the Cures decide to do something about it. They tell Rina to not be a Pretty Cure nor a model for an entire day, and spend the day with Daichi. But when a Desertrian attacks, what will Rina do?
39 Mahō no purei! Shinderera no monogatari!
"A Magical Play! The Story Of Cinderella!"
Marudeva 2017-11-08
Flora Academy and Saku Academy are putting on a play together, and Hanae is chosen to be Cinderella, and Tsubomi is the Fairy Godmother. The two sisters work together, although Hanae keeps getting her lines wrong. Minako decides to help Hanae practise by acting as the prince, and Hanae gets better. Finally, the big day arrives, but Marudeva also arrives to ruin it! What will the Cures do?
40 Minako-san no Akiyama-sensei no tame no hon! Anata wa imamade saikō no hahadesu!
"Minako's Present For Akiyama-sensei! You're The Best Mother Ever!"
Hajar 20167-11-15
Minako is at her school one day, and looks at the lunchbox that Akiyama-sensei made for her. Minako realises that Akiyama-sensei had done so much for her, and decides to make Akiyama-sensei a gift to say "thank you". Minako creates a beautiful necklace, but Hajar appears and summons a Desertrian from the necklace! What is Minako going to do?
41 Watashi no kokoro kara no uta! Hanae-san no hontō no kimochi!
"The Song From My Heart! Hanae's True Feelings!"
Hajar 2017-11-22
In Flora Academy, the music class are supposed to write a song for their homework. Hinata, Tsubomi and Itsuki quickly finish their songs, but Hanae is struggling. Hanae tries to find some inspiration for her song, but is upset when she finds nothing. But when a Desertrian appears and starts attacking, will Hanae find the lyrics she needs?
42 Kaoruko-san no shiawase! Purikyua no mahō!
"Kaoruko's Happiness! The Magic Of Pretty Cure!"
Marudeva 2017-11-29
Kaoruko explains to the Cures that every Pretty Cure must participate in the final test, but for this generation, it will be a different test, yet no one realises what the test will be. The Cures begin to train for the test, but they notice that Kaoruko is a bit downhearted. The five girls are confused, but when a Desertrian attack, will they finally understand what the final test will challenge?
43 Yorokobi no kagayaki! Hinata no yume ga akiraka ni!
"The Sparkle Of Joy! Hinata's Dream Revealed!"
Marudeva 2017-12-06
The students at Flora Academy are going camping in the mountains, where Hanae reveals that her dream is to become a fashion designer. Everyone else reveals their dream, but Hinata doesn't. Everyone tries to get Hinata to tell, but she still doesn't. All she says is that her dream is who she really is, and the dream has the "sparkle of joy" in it. What is this dream?
44 Saishū tesuto! Watashitachi no kokoro o shinjite!
"The Final Test! Believe In Our Hearts!"
Hajar 2017-12-13
The Cures travel to the Pretty Cure Palace to begin the final test. During the test, they are told that a Pretty Cure is afraid of nothing, and the Cures must be able to conquer their fears to become worthy Pretty Cures. Cure Rose has coulrophobia, Cure Ocean has acrophobia, Cure Sunburst has monophobia, Cure Moonbeam has atelophobia, and Cure Jewel has cleithrophobia. Can they conquer these fears?
45 Purikyua kara no Merī Kurisumasu! Our Colourful Christmas!
プリキュアからのメリークリスマス!Our Colourful Christmas!
"Merry Christmas From Pretty Cure! Our Colourful Christmas!"
Marudeva 2017-12-20
It's that time of year when Christmas is just around the corner! Minako is excited to spend her first Christmas with the Cures, and all the Cures have decided to perform a special song for everyone... in their Pretty Cure forms! Now that the word is out, everyone is excited for Christmas! However, Marudeva arrives and summons a Desertrian - in order to destroy Christmas! What will the Cures do?
46 Kore wa hontō no koto wa dekimasen! Saigo no tatakai wa... hajimarimashita!?
"This Can't Be Real! The Final Battle... Has Begun!?"
Lady Sabakuno Namida
Lady Sabakuno Namida has decided to begin the "final battle", and has turned the entire world into a desert! What's worse, is that she has even killed Marudeva, saying that she doesn't need him anymore! The Cures realise just how evil Lady Sabakuno Namida really is, and that she is even stronger than the Desert King, Dune! But the humans who have been turned into Desertrians haven't given up hope yet! Can their feelings reach the Cures?
47 Ravu~āna no ikari! Watashi wa, Purikyua o hakai shimasu!
"Laverna's Anger! I Will Destroy Pretty Cure!"
Laverna 2018-01-10
The Cures begin to fight Laverna for the last time, but Laverna tries to get the five of them to lose hope, and to give up. But Cure Moonbeam states that hope is in her circle of power, and her aura makes people feel hope for the future. This way, the Cures can fight without losing hope, until Laverna traps Cures Ocean, Sunburst, Moonbeam and Jewel in cages! What will Cure Rose do without her friends?
48 Ai no hontō no hana! Jōshō, Dorīmingu Rōzu!
"The True Flower Of Love! Rise, Dreaming Rose!"
Laverna 2018-01-17
Cure Rose begins to fight Laverna all by herself, but Laverna seems to be unbeatable. Laverna persuades Cure Rose that people who were once evil will always stay evil, and she was nothing but a mere test. Cure Rose begins to fall into despair and lose hope of ever defeating Laverna. Who will encourage Cure Rose and remind her of her goal to protect the world?
49 Mirai no hikari! Fukugen sa reta shiawase!
"The Light Of The Future! Restored Happiness!"
Laverna 2018-01-24
Dreaming Rose and Laverna face off against each other for the last time. Dreaming Rose tries to convince Laverna that although everyone has selfish times, they can be selfless too, but Laverna doesn't seem to listen. Who will prevail, love or hatred?