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Kodokuna Ai
Kodokuna Ai
SeasonPretty Cure 5☆Reborn
Age18 (deceased)
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorSilvery-white
Home PlaceYumekawa
First AppearancePC5R20
Japanese Voice ActressYukana
RelativesKanashimi Eiji (lover)
Kodokuna Ai (孤独な愛 Kodokuna Ai) is a young girl who is the Maiden of Dream River. She is kind and friendly girl, and is desperate to see her lover again. She quickly befriends the Cures too.


Ai appears with medium-length silvery-white hair and grey eyes, and has a pink clip in her hair. She wears an old styled blue dress with white-coloured sleeves and dark blue coloured ribbon on her neck. She wears blue slip-on shoes with a white bow on them.

As the Maiden of Dream River, her hair grows longer and her pink clip is gone. She wears a white dress and no shoes.


Ai is shown to be kind and caring, and also quite gentle. However, she is extremely desperate to see her lover again, and will do anything to see him again.


Pretty Cure - Ai quickly befriends the Cures after they wanted to help her find her lover. When Ai disappears back into the river, she says that she and the Cures will always be friends, and they are welcome to see her at any time they wanted.

Kanashimi Eiji - Ai and Eiji are lovers, and they care for each other very much.


Kodokuna (孤独な): Kodokuna translates to "lonely", most likely referring to Ai's loneliness as she couldn't see her lover.

Ai (愛): Ai translates to "love", obviously referring to her love for Eiji.