SeasonHeartCatch Pretty Cure!☆Reborn
Eye ColorPurple (Lady Sabakuno Namida)
Red (Laverna)
Hair ColorPurple (Lady Sabakuno Namida)
Silvery-white (Laverna)
Home PlaceDesert Emissaries
First AppearanceHPCR07 (Lady Sabakuno Namida)
HPCR46 (Laverna)
Japanese Voice ActressKouda Mariko
RelativesHotaru (fake niece)
Laverna (ラヴァーナ Ravu~āna) is the Desert Queen and the main antagonist of HeartCatch Pretty Cure!☆Reborn. It was revealed that she was created from the darkness in everyone's hearts. She went under the alias Lady Sabakuno Namida (レディー砂漠の涙 Redī Sabakuno Namida), although it is currently unknown why.


Laverna is a very beautiful woman, however, she is very evil. She does show mercy, but only a little bit. Now that she is in her true form, she is very ruthless and cruel, and is anxious to not let the Desert King down, despite being more powerful than him.


Laverna can summon orbs and beams made from darkness in order to kill someone or destroy something, for example, a planet. In her true form, she can also use her wings to fly. She is shown to be extremely powerful. Like her subordinates, she can steal Heart Flowers.


As Lady Sabakuno Namida, she is tall and elegant, and is very beautiful. She has long purple hair and purple eyes, and is very pale. She wears a flowing black dress with a black cape and a popped collar. She also wears black gloves and black high-heels.

In her true form, Laverna has long silvery-white hair and glowing red eyes, and has a silver crown on her head, symbolising her status as the Desert Queen. She wears a black lace choker with a red jewel in the centre, and also has black necklaces. She wears a black dress that reaches to her knees, and black lace gloves. She also has black earrings and grey wings.


For the start of the series, she is not very active. But she is usually seen giving orders to Aranya, Hajar, Marudeva and Hotaru, her three subordinates and niece.

In Episode 46, Lady Sabakuno Namida decided to begin the "final battle", and kill Marudeva, then change the Earth into a desert. After she did, she transformed into Laverna, her true form. She begins to fight the Cures.


  • Hotaru - After Lady Sabakuno Namida had banished Tsubomi's friends, she had brainwashed her, even making Tsubomi into her niece. As Hotaru, she was very loyal to her aunt. In Episode 32, it is revealed that Lady Sabakuno Namida is in fact not her aunt.


Sabakuno: The first part of her name could possibly mean "of the desert".

Namida: Namida means "tear".

Laverna: In Roman mythology, Laverna was the goddess of thieves and thievery.


  • Lady Sabakuno Namida is the first villain to be female.
  • She is the only villain in the franchise to not have a child.
  • HPCR31 revealed that Lady Sabakuno Namida had brainwashed Cure Blossom, the light of Cure Rose, to join the Desert Emissaries.
  • She shares her voice actress with Hanasaki Izumi, a supporting character from this season.