The Mirror Kingdom (ミラー王国 Mirā ōkoku) is Hidarin and Migirin's home, as well as the home of the Cures before they were reborn.


Just one year before the series began, the Mirror Kingdom was attacked by an evil man named Shadow, and he created the Dark Cures out of the 5 Crystals of the Mirror Kingdom, and these Dark Cures had only one goal: to destroy their lights. However, Dark Rouge, Dark Lemonade and Dark Aqua were killed by their lights, and Dark Mint shed a single tear while dying in her light's arms. Dark Dream, however, was killed by Shadow, because she protected her light. The lights went on to defeat Shadow, but they never knew that he would one day return, and take over the Mirror Kingdom again. So, the Crystals each split up into two parts: one part created the Crystal Brooches, while the other created the reincarnations of the Dark Cures. Now reborn as good Cures, it is up to them to defeat Shadow, once and for all.