Nakamura Kira
Nakamura Kira
SeasonPretty Cure 5☆Reborn
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceYumekawa
First AppearancePC5R03
Japanese Voice ActressSawashiro Miyuki
Nakamura Kira (中村キラ Nakamura Kira) is one of the top stars at Yumehara Middle School, rivaling Yumehara Kibo. She excels in many fields such as sports, arts and science and is seen participating in many club activities such as tea ceremonies, playing for wind ensemble club and performing speeches for the English conversation club. She often will join the clubs as a ringer in order to help them get into regional tournaments or beat other school teams, such as Tennis or Volleyball.

Kira is seen as perfect and is a role model for her fellow students. She has been a member of the Science Club since her first year of middle school, but due to her participation within other fields she rarely has the time to attend the club activities.


Kira is her school's "PERFECT", and many people look up to her, but she isn't as popular as Kibo, as she has been given the title of "Princess", because her parents built the school. Kira is very jealous, and she calls Kibo her rival. She is also very fashionable.


Kira is a pretty girl with brown hair that stops at her shoulders, brown eyes, bangs and a floral headband. She wears a pink jacket with lighter pink fluffy edges, and wears a floral skirt. She wears black boots with lighter pink fluffy edges, and pink socks.


Nakamura (中村): Naka (中) translates to "middle" and Mura (村) translates to "village".

Kira (キラ): Kira sounds quite similar to kirakira, which means "sparkling", but the name itself means "light".