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Pretty Cure (プリキュア Purikyua?) is the main term used in the series since the first season, Futari wa Pretty Cure, to describe a group of girls who can transform into legendary warriors. In each season, there is a legend of warriors who will come to aid the world when it is in need, and stop an invasion of darkness. Thus, small mascot creatures from alternate worlds in need are often given the task of searching out chosen girls to take up the role of Pretty Cure.

The term "Pretty Cure" can refer to either one girl or the entire group, and can be shortened down "PreCure". Fujiwara Hibiki will however just use "Pretty Cure" since she prefers sticking to what "プリキュア" actually means.

Sweet and Sour Pretty Cure!


Sweet and Sour Pretty Cure! (スイートアンドサワープリキュア! Suīto ando Sawā Purikyua!?) is the first original Pretty Cure series created by Fujiwara Hibiki. The series' main motifs are sweets and justice.

The main characters of this season are:

  • Imai Ichigo (今井いちご Imai Ichigo?)/ Cure Mallow (キュアマロー Kyua Marō?)
    • Ichigo is a sweet girl who transforms into the pink Cure Mallow.
  • Tachibana Kotono (立花ことの Tachibana Kotono?)/ Cure Caramel (キュアキャラメル Kyua Kyarameru?)
    • Kotono is an energetic girl who transforms into the orange Cure Caramel.
  • Cure Lime (キュアライム Kyua Raimu?)
  • Cure Currant (キュアカラント Kyua Karanto?)

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