Pretty Cure 5☆Reborn: The Pink Planet of Hope (プリキュア5☆リボーン:希望のピンクプラネット Purikyua 5☆Ribōn: Kibō no Pinku Puranetto) is a video game from the Pretty Cure 5☆Reborn season. It is recommended for ages 10+, as some scenes may be quite frightening.


You'll first be able to create your own character and give her/him a name. Then your character will be sent to Yumekawa, where you'll meet a girl named Yumehara Kibo. Kibo says that she needs your help, and takes you to her house, where you'll meet Kibo's friends, and the fairy twins, Hidarin and Migirin. Kibo tells you that there is a mysterious source of power on a planet called Crystalia, and she wants you to go there and check it out. Your character will then be sent to Crystalia, and will spend the rest of the game searching for clues, completing quests, fighting battles and trying to find the mysterious source. Good luck!


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