This is a category listing the episodes for Pretty Cure 5☆Reborn.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 A New Beginning! I Am Cure Starlight!
"Aratana hajimari! Watashi wa Kyua Sutāraito desu!"
Crash 2016-02-05
Kibo is a popular and energetic 14-year-old who is a normal girl... or so she thought. She's actually the reincarnation of a dark Cure named Dark Dream! Upon realising this (thanks to the fairy twins, Hidarin and Migirin), Kibo decides to get some answers and learn about her past. But when an evil person named Crash appears and summons a Kowaina, what will Kibo do?
02 Jounetsu's Flaming Heart! Cure Flare is Born!
"Jōnetsu no honō no hāto! Kyua Furea ga tanjō shimasu!"
Crash 2016-02-12
Kibo has transformed into Cure Starlight, and is given the mission of finding the reincarnations of her former teammates. She has to look for Dark Rouge first. Her first target? Her best friend, Natsuki Jounetsu, the Student Council President. Kibo tries to find evidence that Jounetsu is Dark Rouge. Is Jounetsu really Dark Rouge?
03 Adorable and Sweet! Cure Sweet!
"Airashī, amaidesu! Kyua Suu~īto!"
Crash 2016-02-19
Jounetsu joins Kibo as Cure Flare, and the girls set out to search for the next teammate: Dark Lemonade. The two eyeball the cool girl, Nakamura Kira. But when shy member of the Newspaper Club, Kasugano Kaori, comes up to them and asks them about "recurring dreams", Kibo and Jounetsu are left in shock. Who would've expected sweet Kaori to be Dark Lemonade? Can Kibo and Jounetsu recruit Kaori into the team?
04 As Lovely as a Flower! Cure Lotus Appears!
"Hana no yō ni utsukushī yō ni! Kyua Rōtasu ga hyōji sa remasu!"
Crash 2016-02-26
After transforming into Cure Sweet for the first time, Kaori decides to join the Cures. Now that makes three! The trio have now decided to look for the reincarnation of Dark Mint. They decide that she may be in the Art Club, but they come across the friendly Akimoto Hiromi from the Drama Club, who may possibly be Dark Mint! How will the Cures confirm this?
05 Speeding Rivers! Cure Sapphire Is Here!
"Kawa o kōsoku-ka! Kyua Safaia wa koko ni arimasu!"
Crash 2016-03-04
Hiromi agrees to join the Cures as a Pretty Cure, and the girls search for the last member of the team: Dark Aqua! Thanks to Kaori's skills with investigation, they were able to pick a girl who is high on the list for Dark Aqua: Minazuki Kelly, the star soccer player. But a Kowaina soon attacks, and the Cures are almost defeated! Suddenly, Kelly runs up and transforms into Dark Aqua, now known as Cure Sapphire! The Cures are shocked, but how can they recruit Kelly into the team?
06 All Together! Pretty Cure is Reborn!
"Subete issho ni! Purikyua ga umarekawarimasu!"
Smash 2016-03-11
Kelly explains how she became Cure Sapphire to the Cures. The Cures, fascinated by her story, ask Kelly to join the team, and thankfully, Kelly said yes! When a new villain attacks with a Kowaina, the girls must join forces to defeat it! Can they do it?
07 A Song of Joy! Kibo's First Song!
"Yorokobi no uta! Kibō no saisho no kyoku!"
Smash 2016-03-18
Kibo is going to do a special concert with her mother?! And the worst part is, she has to write her own song! Kibo tries to find inspiration for the lyrics, but comes up with nothing. When Smash arrives and ruins her mother's concert, what will Kibo do?
08 Number of Similarities: Zero! Kelly's Decision and Jounetsu's Heart!
"Ruiji no kazu: Zero! Kerī no kettei to Jōnetsu no kokoro!"
Smash 2016-03-25
Kibo, Kaori and Hiromi don't understand why Jounetsu and Kelly are arguing all the time. It's soon revealed: they have almost nothing in common! Only similarity? They're both Pretty Cure. The girls don't like them arguing because they're afraid that it will cost them the battles, so they confiscate their Crystal Brooches! What will Jounetsu and Kelly do when the other girls are almost defeated?
09 Big Catastrophe! Since When Were the Fairies Humans?
"Biggu hakyoku! Yōsei-tachi ningen haita toki irai?"
Smash 2016-04-01
Hidarin and Migirin are missing! The Cures split up to search for them, when they find both of them... as humans! The twins explain that they had already earned this power, but didn't show it to the Cures until they thought weird things were real. Very soon, the twins end up causing a lot of trouble! What will the Cures do?
10 First Appearance! The Dream Tracer!
"Hatsu tōjō! Dorīmu Torēsā!"
Smash 2016-04-08
It's the weekend, and the girls are having a nice day off. Suddenly, their Crystal Brooches start glowing, and a music box appears. It is revealed to be the Dream Tracer, a magical device that can help the Cures find the mysterious girls in their dreams! When Smash comes to take it away, will the Cures be able to protect it?
11 The Power of All! The Dreaming Rods!
"Subete no Chikara! Dorīmingu Roddo!"
None 2016-04-15
Hidarin and Migirin reveal something to the Cures: they must pass a test to see if they are worthy of being Pretty Cure! Kibo, a little too energetic, wants to do the test immediately, but when she says this, everyone is taken to the area where the test will begin! The Cures are split up, and are forced to fight impressions of a mysterious - but powerful - girl. Can the Cures pass the test?
12 Kelly's Shock! The Blue-Haired Girl in my Dreams!
"Kerī no shokku! Yume no nakade aoi kami no shōjo!"
Bash 2016-04-22
Kelly was at her soccer club, and scoring a lot of goals, as usual, but she saw a girl, and the girl looked a lot like the mysterious girl in her dreams! When Kelly tells the Cures of this, the Dream Tracer starts to react! The Dream Tracer takes them to the mysterious girl, the same girl who Kelly saw at her soccer club. It is soon revealed: this mysterious girl is Cure Aqua, Kelly's light side! When a new villain arrives and tries to take Cure Aqua, what will the Cures do?
13 The Twilight Princess! I Am Akuma!
"Towairaito purinsesu! Watashi wa Akuma nodesu!"
Princess Akuma 2016-04-29
The Cures found out that a new girl had enrolled into their school, named Yugure Akuma. However, they felt a strange aura around her, and she may be an enemy! When the Cures confront her, the true villain, Shadow, appears, and tells them the relationship he has with Akuma! What is this relationship?
14 Hiromi's Big Performance! Romeo and Juliet!
"Hiromi no biggu pafōmansu! Romio to Jurietto!"
Princess Akuma 2016-05-06
The Drama Club is putting on a performance, called Romeo and Juliet, and Hiromi has been chosen to play as Juliet! Hiromi does her best each and every day, but does not listen to the Cures telling her that she needs to take a break. When Hiromi overworks herself even more, what will the Cures do?
15 The Ocean's Vow! Kelly's True Happiness!
"Ōshanzu chikai! Kerī no shin no kōfuku!"
Princess Akuma 2016-05-13
The Cures decide to take a break from saving the world and go to the beach. There, they discover that Kelly loves the ocean more than anything! She loves the animals that live in it as well! Everyone soon has a great time, but Princess Akuma arrives and ruins everything! When Kelly finds out, what will she do?
16 Kaori's Struggles! I'll Find A Story!
"Kaori-san no tōsō! Watashi wa monogatari o mitsukeru koto ga dekimasu!"
Bash 2016-05-20
It's time for the Newspaper Club to find a new president, and they all nominate Kaori on one condition: if she can find a good story, then she will be able to become president! Kaori tries hard, but she can't find anything at all! Kibo, Jounetsu, Hiromi and Kelly want to help her. Can they find a good story in time?
17 Hiromi and Komachi! My Twin Sister!
"Hiromi to Komachi! Watashi no futago no imōto!"
Crash 2016-05-27
Hiromi takes the Dream Tracer with her to Drama Club, and all goes well with it - until it suddenly started reacting! Hiromi, confused, looks in the direction where the Dream Tracer is pointing, and sees a mysterious girl with green hair tied back into a ponytail. When Hiromi meets up with Karen and explains this event, Karen runs away! Can the Cures get to the bottom of this mystery?
18 Let the Ball Begin! Jounetsu's Night!
"Bōru o kaishi shimashou​​! Jōnetsu no yoru!"
Smash 2016-06-04
Yumehara School is holding a party, the Dream Party, which is held on the exact date when Yumehara School was founded. Jounetsu is asked to plan the event, because she is the Student Council President. Jounetsu does her best, but when the big night comes, Smash arrives to ruin it! What will Jounetsu do to stop Smash?
19 The Labyrinth of the Stars! The Cave of Miracles!
"Sutā no meikyū! Kiseki no dōkutsu!"
Bash 2016-06-11
It's time for the legendary Cave of Miracles to grant a wish to one person only! This event only comes once every 100 years, and the Cures want to make a wish. They each state their wish, but they all decide on a different wish: to protect everyone's happiness. That night, the Cures head to the Cave of Miracles, but will they be able to have their wish granted before anyone else?
20 The Legend of Dream River! The Maiden's Last Wish!
"Yumekawa no densetsu! Meiden saishūtai!"
Princess Akuma 2016-06-18
The Cures are all at Kibo's house for a sleepover. Hiromi tells the Cures the legend of Dream River, about a maiden and her lover. However, they all hear someone crying, and it's coming from Dream River itself. They meet a young girl named Kodokuna Ai, who tells them the true meaning behind Dream River, and the maiden needs help, and Ai asks them for help. Can the Cures really help the maiden?
21 A Wonderful New Actress! Her Name is Urara!
"Subarashī shin joyū! Kanojo no namae wa Urara desu!"
Princess Akuma 2016-06-25
Kaori is helping her mother with photography, when she accidentally snaps a picture of a girl with long yellow hair. When she shows the Cures this photo, the Dream Tracer starts reacting! They all see the girl at places that have to do with theatre. Who is this mysterious girl? What connection does she have with Kaori?
22 Memories of Mother! I Really Miss You!
"Okāsan no omoide! Anata ni aenakute totemo sabishī!"
Crash 2016-07-02
Hiromi explains to the Cures that she misses her mother, Akimoto Yuri, who died from a sickness. Hiromi says that she will never forget the amazing times she spent with her mother, and will treasure the memories in her heart. However, Crash creates a Kowaina out of Hiromi's favourite photo of her mother! What will Hiromi do?
23 A Magical Adventure! The Test of Love!
"Mahō no bōken! Ai no tesuto!"
The Cures become shocked when they find out what Karen, Komachi and Urara want them to do: they want them to find the legendary Pretty Cure Instruments, which will help them fight Shadow. They prepare to go to alternate worlds, where they will find their own instruments. But when Crash, Smash and Bash interfere, what will the Cures do?
24 The Trio's Surprise! We are the New Students!
"Torio no sapuraizu! Watashitachiha, atarashī gakuseidesu!"
Princess Akuma 2016-07-16
It's another day at school, and the Cures have a nice day there, until three new students show up. And not only that, the new students are Karen, Komachi and Urara! Everyone is shocked until Karen explains. They have decided to transfer schools to aid the Cures on their mission. Will the Cures ever adjust to their new situation?
25 My Heart Remains Strong! Kaori's Decision!
"Watashi no kokoro wa tsuyoi mama! Kaori no kettei!"
Smash 2016-07-23
Kaori is given the opportunity to become a reporter on a famous news show, Japan's Biggest News! Kaori is excited, but if she agrees, she will have to quit being a Pretty Cure and will have to leave her friends. Each of the girls support her, but Urara seems distant. What are her true feelings?
26 True Passion! Twin Flames!
"Shin no jōnetsu! Tsuin-en!"
Bash 2016-07-30
Jounetsu is walking to her home after school, but sees a girl staring at her phone. Jounetsu walks over to the girl, and asks her what her name was, and the girl replies: Rin. As she walks off, Jounetsu notices that the Dream Tracer is reacting. Why is the Dream Tracer reacting to this girl, and why does she seem familiar to Jounetsu?
27 Summer Festival! Fireworks! Shadow?
"Natsu matsuri! Hanabi! Shadō?"
Shadow 2016-08-07
The summer festival is on, and the Cures, Karen, Komachi and Urara seem to be having a great time! Rin, however, doesn't seem happy, so Kibo investigates. Rin mentions to Kibo that her best friend, Nozomi, loved summer festivals, and so Rin was sad that she couldn't spend this year's one without her. As everyone has fun, Shadow appears and summons a Kowaina! What will the Cures do?
28 Go For It, Rin! Her New School Life!
"Ganbare Rin! Kanojo no atarashī gakkō seikatsu!"
Princess Akuma 2016-08-14
Rin has just enrolled into Yumehara Middle School, but seems to have a tough time adjusting, despite Jounetsu's help. Kelly wants Rin to join the Soccer Club, but not even her favourite sport could help her! Jounetsu seems worried, and turns to the Cures for help. Can they help Rin get back to her normal self before chaos strikes?
29 The Clouds that Form! Pretty Cure's Worries!
"Kumo keisei shite iru koto! Purikyua no shinpai!"
Princess Akuma 2016-08-21
Dark clouds have begun forming in the sky, and these are strange-shaped clouds, with blue lightning flickering around them. Japan's Biggest News has reported this, but the Cures believe that this is the enemy's doing! However, when Princess Akuma shows up with a Kowaina, what will the Cures do?
30 Sucked into Another World! A Battle Begins!
"Mō hitotsu no sekai ni suikoma! Tatakai ga hajimarimasu!"
Princess Akuma
The Cures (minus Karen, Komachi, Urara and Rin) find themselves in another world, where Princess Akuma and the Commanders of Despair wait to fight them! A big battle begins to rage, and everyone becomes tired after a long battle, but the Princess and the Commanders just keep on coming back to fight! Will the Cures ever win?
31 Nozomi is Alive? The Mark of Hope!
"Nozomi wa ikite imasu ka? Kibō no māku!"
Princess Akuma
The battle keeps on raging, but Princess Akuma and the Commanders of Despair have won! They've taken the five Cures to Shadow, where they learn of his plan: Shadow wishes to find Cure Dream who has the hope to dominate the worlds! Starlight, shocked, does not know what to do, and cries for Dream's help. Will Dream actually be able to help Starlight?
32 Nozomi's Location! Work Together, Girls!
"Nozomi no basho! Issho ni hataraku, on'nanoko!"
Princess Akuma
Starlight uses the power of the Mark of Hope to fight again, and says that she already knows where Dream is, much to everyone's surprise. Princess Akuma and the Commanders of Despair try to force Starlight to tell, but Starlight becomes stubborn and refuses. But is Starlight really going to tell where Dream is? Does she even know where Dream is?
33 The Shocking Truth! Shadow Reveals All!
"Shokkingu shinjitsu! Shadō wa subete o akiraka ni!"
Shadow 2016-09-18
Shadow, furious that Fusion Hope had killed the Commanders of Despair and almost killed his daughter, decided to tell them who killed the Cures in their past lives. The Cures were shocked to learn that the killers were the lights themselves! Everyone starts to fall into despair. What are they going to do now?
34 A New Power-Up? Fight, Girls, Fight!
"Atarashī pawā-appu? Faito, on'nanoko, faito!"
Princess Akuma
The Cures, having managed to break out of despair thanks to their lights giving them hope again, fight again, this time, they have earned their Fusion Forms as well! They all begin to use their new attacks and are fighting again. But can they really fight Shadow and escape the Mirror Kingdom?
35 Secrets of a Pretty Cure! What is a Hero?
"Purikyua no himitsu! Hīrō to wa nanidesu ka?"
Princess Akuma 2016-10-02
The Cures are happy that they managed to escape the Mirror Kingdom, however, Kibo seems depressed that she wasn't able to discover where Nozomi was. She even says that because of this, she wasn't able to save Nozomi, much less be a true hero! Can the Cures help Kibo relieve her depression?
36 The Past Horrible Deeds! Memories Return!
"Kako no osoroshī dīzu! Memorīzu ritān!"
Princess Akuma 2016-10-09
The Cures start to have more nightmares. This time, they can see themselves doing terrible things in places that they have never been to. When they talk about the dreams, they realise with a chill that the dreams were memories - of their past lives! They become too shocked to fight. What will they do when Princess Akuma summons a Kowaina?
37 Believe in the Bond! Regain our Courage!
"Bondo o shinjite! Watashitachi no yūki o torimodoshimasu!"
Princess Akuma 2016-10-16
With despair holding the girls down, they cannot transform at all! However, Kibo remembers what her sister had told her and breaks free from her despair. She transforms and does her best to fight the Kowaina, however, she cannot do it alone. How can she save her friends from despair?
38 The Pieces of the Puzzle! Where Nozomi Is!
"Pazuru no pīsu! Doko Nozomi desu!"
Princess Akuma 2016-10-24
Kibo tells everyone about the clue that Nozomi gave her: a place from the past. Rin said that Nozomi had always liked scavenger hunts, so maybe she set up one. The girls think long and hard for an idea where Nozomi may be, but no one has any ideas. However, Karen mentions that Nozomi liked having fun, so she could perhaps be at a carnival. Is Nozomi really at a carnival?
39 First Stop! Happiness Carnival!
"Saisho no sutoppu! Shiawase kānibaru!"
Princess Akuma 2016-11-01
The Cures arrive at the nearest carnival, where everyone seems to be having so much fun. The Cures have fun too, but they still need to keep their eyes open for Nozomi or a clue to her location. However, Princess Akuma overheard that Nozomi may be at a carnival, so she arrives at the carnival and ruins all the fun! Will the Cures be able to save everyone's happiness?
40 To the Second Place! An Old Village?
"Futatsu no basho e! Kyū mura?"
Princess Akuma 2016-11-08
The clue sends the Cures to another place: an old village. While Karen, Komachi, Hiromi and Jounetsu are interested in the history of the village, Kibo, Kaori, Kelly, Rin and Urara split up to look for another clue. However, they meet a little fairy from the Palmier Kingdom: Milk! But Princess Akuma believes that Milk knows where Nozomi is. Can they protect Milk from Princess Akuma?
41 The Final Location! L'École des Cinq Lumières!
"Saishū-tekina basho! Rekōru de Sanku Rumiēru!"
Princess Akuma 2016-11-15
Milk (with the clue) takes the Cures to the last place, which was Rin's, Urara's, Komachi's and Karen's old school, L'École des Cinq Lumières. The students are shocked to realise that the four girls moved schools. The Cures split up to search for the last clue, however, they find another little fairy from the Palmier Kingdom: Natts! But when Princess Akuma appears, can the Cures protect Natts?
42 Put the Pieces Together! The True Location!
"Issho ni sakuhin o irete! Shin no basho!"
Princess Akuma 2016-11-22
The Cures and the mascots return home, where they put the clues together: a rose; a butterfly; a book; and a mysterious set which Natts identifies as the Symphony Set. The Cures and mascots think long and hard, but no one has an idea where Nozomi is. However, Princess Akuma appears and believes that if she steals the clues, then they will lead her to Nozomi. Can they keep the clues from falling into Princess Akuma's hands?
43 Kibo Solves It! I Figured It Out!
"Kibō wa sore kaiketsu shimasu! Watashi wa sore o kangaedashita!"
Princess Akuma 2016-11-29
Kibo recovers from her defeat and says to everyone that she has finally realised where Nozomi is! The Cures defeat Princess Akuma and her Kowaina, and they ask Kibo to tell her where Nozomi is. Kibo tells them that Nozomi is at the place where they had once battled at! The Cures prepare to leave, but not before facing Princess Akuma and her Kowaina! Can they stop her?
44 Tears of Joy! Reunion at Last!
"Yorokobi no namida! Saigo ni saikai!"
Princess Akuma 2016-12-05
The Cures arrive at the "past battlefield", where they find Nozomi waiting under the ferris wheel! Kibo, Rin, Urara, Komachi and Karen happily reunite with Nozomi, and introduce her to the Cures. Kibo tells Nozomi that it is almost Christmas, and that she can't wait to spend it with her! However, Princess Akuma arrives with a Kowaina and tells Nozomi that her father has been waiting for her. Can the Cures protect Nozomi?
45 Lots of Love! A Magical White Christmas!
"Takusan no ai! Mahō no howaito Kurisumasu!"
Princess Akuma
It's finally Christmas! The Cures are eager to spend their first Christmas together, and have fun decorating the tree, and wrapping presents to give to each other, and the joy grows even more when Nozomi's crush, Coco, appears! However, the joy of Christmas is ruined when Princess Akuma arrives and turns the Christmas Tree in the centre of the city into a Kowaina. Can the Cures save Christmas?
46 A Cold Feeling...! Shadow puts his Plan into Action!
"Tsumetai kanji...! Shadō wa kōdō ni kare no keikaku o okimasu!"
Shadow 2016-12-26
Shadow is furious with the Cures due to them defeating Princess Akuma forever. The Cures (in their Fusion Forms) begin to fight him, but he is too powerful, and thus makes the girls revert back to their civilian forms. He captures Nozomi, and leaves the Cures weakened. What will they do?
47 The Final Battle Begins! Fight for the Future!
"Saigo no tatakai ga hajimarimasu! Shōrai no tame ni tatakaimasu!"
Shadow 2017-01-02
Shadow uses Nozomi's power to dominate the world, and all of the world is covered with a darkness, as Shadow will become its ruler in exactly 24 hours. The Cures travel to the Mirror Kingdom, where they face Shadow, and the final battle begins. Who will win: Pretty Cure or Shadow?
48 The Power as One! A Single Spiritual Entity!
"Hitotsu to shite pawā! Shinguru supirichuaru entiti!"
Shadow 2017-01-09
Kibo tells Shadow that her dream is to live in a world where everyone is treated with goodness. She wants to be able to help change the world, and she believes that's why her parents became famous. Nozomi hears her sister's dream and gives the last of her power to Kibo, and the other Cures do this as well. This gives her a more powerful form: her Spirit Form. Can she defeat Shadow?
49 The Sparkle of Hope! Everyone's Future Received!
"Kibō no supākuru! Min'na no mirai o uketorimashita!"
Shadow 2017-01-16
It's a one-on-one battle between Spiritual Cure Starlight and Shadow in his ultimate form. The Cures, mascots and the humans on Earth support Spiritual Cure Starlight and hope that she will defeat Shadow. Will Spiritual Cure Starlight's power of hope overwhelm Shadow or will it be the end for Starlight and the rest of the world?