The Starlight Violin

The Pretty Cure Instruments (プリキュアインスツルメンツ Purikyua Insutsurumentsu) are devices in Pretty Cure 5☆Reborn that are used by the Cures to perform their group attack Perfect Harmony. The Instruments were given to the Cures after they completed the Test of Love.

The Pretty Cure Instruments

The names of the Pretty Cure Instruments are as follows:

  • Starlight Violin (スターライトヴァイオリン Sutāraito Vu~aiorin) - (Idol) Cure Starlight's Pretty Cure Instrument.
  • Flare Flute (フレアフルート Furea Furūto) - (Idol) Cure Flare's Pretty Cure Instrument.
  • Sweet Harp (スウィートハープ Suu~īto Hāpu) - (Idol) Cure Sweet's Pretty Cure Instrument.
  • Lotus Keytar (ロータスキータール Rotasu Kītāru) - (Idol) Cure Lotus' Pretty Cure Instrument.
  • Sapphire Guitar (サファイアギター Safaia Gitā) - (Idol) Cure Sapphire's Pretty Cure Instrument.