Shining Espoir (シャイニングエスポワール Shainingu Esupowāru) is Pretty Cure's first group attack in Pretty Cure 5☆Reborn. It was first performed when the Cures understood the true meaning of their respective emotions, thus making their Dreaming Rods appear, and therefore unlocking the ability to perform this attack.


A circle of pink light is drawn around Cure Starlight's feet, and it rises up to her hand, and finishes there. Cure Starlight grabs the light and it turns into her Espoir Rod, and she then introduces it. The same thing happens for each of the other Cures. They then draw the symbol of their elements, and shoot them towards the enemy. As the symbols fly, they join together and create a circular symbol, with an orange symbol appearing as well, and the circular symbol rests upon the enemy, which usually defeats it.



Cure Starlight: エスポワールロッド!希望のチカラ!
Cure Flare: ボルカンロッド!情熱のチカラ!
Cure Sweet: リュミエールロッド!はじけるのチカラ!
Cure Lotus: テッレロッド!安らぎのチカラ!
Cure Sapphire: クーランロッド!知性のチカラ!
All: 私たちの真の感情が舞い上がるしましょう!
All: プリキュアシャイニングエスポワール!


Cure Starlight: Esupowāru Roddo! Kibō no chikara!
Cure Flare: Borukan Roddo! Jōnetsu no chikara!
Cure Sweet: Ryumiēru Roddo! Hajikeru no chikara!
Cure Lotus: Terre Roddo! Yasuragi no chikara!
Cure Sapphire: Kūran Roddo! Chisei no chikara!
All: Watashitachi no shin no kanjō ga maiagaru shimashou!
All: Purikyua Shainingu Esupowāru!

Literal Translation

Cure Starlight: Espoir Rod! The power of hope!
Cure Flare: Volcan Rod! The power of passion!
Cure Sweet: Lumiere Rod! The power of effervescence!
Cure Lotus: Terre Rod! The power of tranquility!
Cure Sapphire: Courant Rod! The power of intelligence!
All: Let our true emotions soar!
All: Pretty Cure Shining Espoir!


  • Each of the symbols represent something:
    • The pink symbol represents hope.
    • The red symbol represents passion.
    • The orange symbol represents life.
    • The yellow symbol represents effervescence.
    • The green symbol represents tranquility.
    • The blue symbol represents intelligence.
    • The larger pink symbol represents love for the Earth.