This is a category listing the episodes for Smile Pretty Cure!☆Reborn.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Wakuwaku to mahō! Watashi no namaeha Kyua Chiā!
"Exciting And Magical! My Name Is Cure Cheer!"
Alecto 2018-02-07
Teruko sets up a deal with a first-year cheerleader named Kurokane Mitsuru: whoever can come up with the best cheer for the team can be the new captain! If Teruko doesn't win, she will have to quit being a cheerleader! That night, as Teruko struggles for ideas, she sees a shooting star, and decides to make a wish, which came true! But not in the way she expected. Now that an Akanbe monster is running around, can Teruko save the day with her wish?
02 Saidai no pātonā! Kyua Bureizu ga hyōji sa remasu!
"The Greatest Partner! Cure Blaze Appears!"
Alecto 2018-02-14
It was just a normal day at school, but then Pop tells Teruko that the Student Council President, Hino Natsumi, has a strange aura. This means that Natsumi could be a spy from the Night Kingdom! Teruko and Pop decide to spy on Natsumi, but Natsumi catches them! Later on, an Akanbe attacks, but when Cure Cheer tries to defend her home, Natsumi reveals a secret that she learned on the "Night of the Five Stars"! Is she really a spy from the Night Kingdom? Or is she something else...
03 Dai san no senshi! Kyua Sereniti de kaminari ga natte imasu!
"The Third Warrior! Cure Serenity Comes Thundering In!"
Megaera 2018-02-21
Teruko and Natsumi have decided to start up a dance group in order for the five members of the team would get along better. Just then, second-year Kise Grace barges into the dance room and starts talking in her rapid way. However, out from her bag, Grace pulled out a third Smile Palette, leaving Teruko and Natsumi shocked. They believe that Grace may be the third warrior. When a new villain decides to attack, is Grace really one of the five?
04 Saisoku katsu saikō no kaze! Kyua Nōburu!
"The Fastest And Greatest Wind! Cure Noble!"
Megaera 2018-02-28
Pop tells the girls that shy girl Midorikawa Ryoko has an aura like a tornado, except Ryoko's tornado aura felt kind and welcoming. Later, Ryoko wonders about the Night of the Five Stars, when suddenly, Megaera appears, and creates an Akanbe! Even worse, Megaera has captured Ryoko's younger brother! Ryoko is desperate to save her brother, but three Pretty Cures are not enough to save her brother! What is Ryoko going to do?
05 Fuyu no wandārando! Sore wa Kyua Beru desu!
"A Winter Wonderland! It's Cure Belle!"
Tisiphone 2018-03-06
There is only one Cure left to find! The current four Cures are excited, and they make a list of potential candidates, but no one seems to fit the role of Bad End Beauty. Later, top athlete Aoki Mizuki advises the girls that appearances can be deceiving, and tells them that if they can't find who they're looking for, they just have to ask for help. However, a new enemy attacks, and the Cures need to find the last Cure! Where could she possibly be?
06 Purikyua keisei! Seigi no tameni tatakaimasu!
"Pretty Cure Formation! Fight For Justice!"
Tisiphone 2018-03-13
Finally, the team is complete! The five Cures hold a celebration, but soon, Pop excitedly announces that he has finally got in touch with his sister, Candy! She is in Nijinomachi! The girls decide to split up to find Candy, but there's no luck so far. However, Candy appears, but accidentally bangs into Teruko's face. When Tisiphone attacks, will the Cures be able to protect Candy from Tisiphone?
07 Mizuki-san no ketsui! Opāru no hokori!
"Mizuki's Determination! The Opal's Pride!"
Alecto 2018-03-20
08 Ryōko no kyōfu! Shikashi, Peridotto wa watashi ni shinsetsu o ataemasu!
"Ryoko's Fear! But, The Peridot Will Give Me Kindness!"
Tisiphone 2018-03-27
09 Gurēsu no monogatari! Shitorin kara heiwa!
"Grace's Story! Peace From The Citrine!"
Megaera 2018-04-03