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The front view of the school

Yumehara High School (夢原高校 Yumehara kōkō) is a private school that appears in Pretty Cure 5☆Reborn. It is one of the three campuses of Yumehara School.


Yumehara High School is a mixed school.



The winter uniform for boys and girls

In the winter, the girls wear a white shirt underneath a black jacket lined with white, and a red bow. They also wear a red checkered skirt and black tights, and black heels with straps. In the summer, the jacket is gone, and so are the tights (which are replaced by white socks), and the sleeves are rolled up.


In the winter, the boys wear a white collared shirt and a grey vest underneath a black jacket, and a red tie. They wear black pants, black socks and black shoes. In the summer, the jacket is gone and the sleeves are rolled up.

Extra Curricular Clubs

There are currently no clubs listed.

Notable Students

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Notable Staff


Yumehara (夢原): Yume (夢) translates to "dream", and Hara (原) translates to "field". All together, the school's name means "dream-field high school".