The city of Yumekawa near the "Dream River"

(夢カワ Yumekawa) is a city located near Tokyo and is the setting of Pretty Cure 5☆Reborn. Kibo, Jounetsu, Kaori, Hiromi and Kelly all live there. The city is famous for the legend that resides in the city.


There was once a beautiful maiden who lived near a river. Like her, the river was beautiful. The maiden had a nice lover, and the two fell more and more in love each day. But their parents opposed their marriage. And so they secretly dated in a small boat in the river. But one day, the maiden was thrown into an arranged marriage by her parents, and this troubled the lovers. And so, the maiden's lover wished her happiness, and left. The maiden waited in the small boat for him, but he never came. She was left greatly saddened. One stormy night, she was writing a letter to him, but she thought that she saw someone down at the river. She ran down to the person, but her feet slipped, and she drowned beneath the stormy waves of the river. It is believed that whoever walks alone to the river, and proclaim their dream, you can hear the voice of the maiden. Once the maiden's voice disappears, you become wiser than you used to be. But many have died of fright trying to gather knowledge. It is also believed that the maiden wishes to see the man she loved, and reunite with him. Ever since that day when the maiden's voice was first heard from the river, people call the river "Dream River".

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